Increasing the value of $1 to increase impact

When it comes to money, making it go further is a goal most share. Making a dollar go as far as possible is the driving force behind our solution to help the world reach a critical goal – safe water and sanitation for all. We knew there had to be another way to empower everyone everywhere with access to safe water and sanitation because charity alone will not meet the financing need to get there. So we created WaterCredit to increase the value of the dollars we are given, increasing the number of lives we can change. We do this in partnership with financial institutions that make small, affordable loans available to people living in the water crisis.

To date we've dispersed $36 million to our partners to help them develop, pilot and roll out their water and sanitation portfolios. This includes things like loan product marketing and education and program monitoring and evaluation activities. Equipped with the resources and knowledge needed to make loans for water and sanitation, our partners successfully lent $2.4 billion of their capital to empower more than 30 million people with the funds needed to access safe water and sanitation solutions. The math proves that through WaterCredit, we made $36 million go further, increasing the value of every $1 to equal $67 worth of impact.

With each repaid loan, our partners meet the needs of more families and strengthen their water and sanitation lending programs. As finance continues to prove itself a solution to empowering households with access to safe water and toilets, we will increase the value of each dollar we put into WaterCredit – helping the world achieve safe water and sanitation for all, faster.

"Over the past few years, WaterCredit has grown by leaps and bounds, cultivating new partnerships, expanding into new geographies and graduating partners who continue to lend on their own. We sit on the cusp of scaling like never before." Gary White, Co-founder & CEO

Read about how when we make a dollar go further, we empower women like Leneriza with the ability to make their money go further too.

Leneriza Infographic