How Sarah and Steve gave their family safe water

Before getting access to two safe water solutions at home, Sarah and her children spent many hours of their day walking to collect water from this pond.

Sarah's pond
"Before we had the rain catchment, we were drawing water from beyond the river. It took nearly the whole morning."

What was once their reality is now a memory of the past. Watch as Sarah explains what life was like before getting access to safe water at home and how she and her husband, Steve, were empowered with a small, affordable loan to give it to their family.

Sarah and Steve's water tank

Sarah and Steve's rain catchment tank.

Beautiful and lively, Kenya boasts a culture of tradition and hospitality, yet it continues to struggle with one of the world’s greatest challenges—access to water for all. With a population of 54 million, 15 million Kenyans still rely on unimproved water sources, such as ponds, shallow wells, and rivers, while 37 million Kenyans use unimproved sanitation solutions. These challenges are especially evident in rural areas and urban slums. is working to change this. Through our local partners, our solutions break down the financial barriers that stand between people like Sarah and Steve, and access to safe water and sanitation.

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