Investing in their home, health, and future

Lelita and her brother, John, share their childhood home outside of Chiclayo. Years ago, before their parents passed, the two committed to their mother and father that they would keep the home in the family. Though it is a simple concrete, dirt-floor dwelling, they promised to give future generations the best lives possible in the house their parents built. Lelita has no spouse or children of her own, but helps her divorced brother raise his kids there.  

Overlooking Peru

Like millions in Peru, for years they had no toilet or faucet. Then Lelita learned about the importance of safe water and improved sanitation through a locally-driven, community-based initiative, which placed a priority on educating locals about water issues. In conjunction with the education program,'s partner organization introduced the guests to finance as an option to purchase taps and toilets for their homes. 

Recognizing that some of her niece and nephews' health issues could be attributed to consuming unsafe water and the lack of a toilet at home, she was determined to get a water connection and toilet installed in their house.

Lelita - Market

Lelita runs a fairly large grocery stall in Mercato Modello, from which she earns enough to support the household income. It is with a portion of this money she knew she could repay a small loan as a solution to their household water and sanitation needs. Without finance, she and John would not be able to pay for the construction. 

Peruvian boy at tap

Now pleased to have a finished bathroom and sink, Lelita is not only relieved her niece and nephews have access to clean, safe water and a private toilet, but she is also proud her commitment to their grandparents is being fulfilled.