Make it rain

Depending on their situation, millions in need have the potential to define their own safe water and sanitation solutions through small, affordable loans. created WaterCredit so people like Gilbert could do just that - pay monthly payments to install a water tap and toilet in his home immediately.

In the Kenyan village of Kigiru, Gilbert and his wife, Ester, rent rooms to a number of families. With a loan through WaterCredit, Gilbert was able to purchase two large water tanks to catch rain, giving them, and their tenant families, safe water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. That is a lasting impact that lives on long after their original loan is repaid.

As of spring 2019, out of more than one million loans distributed across eight countries, 99% of them have been repaid. As each loan is repaid, the money becomes available to the next person who needs it. It's a practical, pay-it-forward system, built from the bottom up. And thanks to donors like you, it's more than doubled our number of people reached in just two years.