Marta's water connection

"It is important because I feel more comfortable and clean. My house is cleaner. I have better health now, and...a better life.”

Important, comfortable, clean, better. Marta spoke of her toilet and water tap with a proud confidence. Her words and her smile prove stronger than any other verbal attempt one could apply to what a toilet and safe water mean to her. 

Marta lives in Santa Teresita, a community just outside Sullana, Peru. She has lived in the same home her whole life. Her parents (seen in the the painting) were clothiers. They raised her here. Following their footsteps, Marta raised her own four children in the humble house with earnings she made from the sale of clothing. Through something we call WaterCredit, Marta funded the construction of a bathroom and kitchen tap for her family.

In 2016 her water and sewer connections collapsed due to settlement. Appreciating how life-changing the new water tap and toilet were for her and her family, Marta didn’t hesitate to take another small loan to repair the pipes. Confident in the process plus the time she now has to earn money, Marta accessed the funds to repair the pipes.

With pipes fixed and water flowing, Marta has been empowered with working solutions that can make life better. No longer focused on where she will relieve herself or get water, Marta’s days are about her clothing business, her grandkids, and keeping a comfortable home.  

Give water credit for making life...better.