Ruth can read

Proud of herself, Ruth read to her mother. The two sat enjoying Ruth's book just a few feet from their new water connection. This connection means Ruth will never know the water crisis like her mother once did. Instead, Ruth can focus on school, and reading her favorite books. 


A smart solution made possible for Ruth what 2.2 billion people still need - safe water at home. Ruth's mother, Rosalina didn't want her daughter to grow up in a house without water. Rosalina knew the struggle all too well. She spent most of her childhood collecting water for her family. As an adult she had no choice but to wake before the sun and walk a few miles to a local community well.


There, she waited in line with other women from her village hoping the water wouldn't run out before it was her turn to fill her bucket. Daily, Rosalina thought about how she wished her circumstance was different. She didn't want Ruth to experience the burden of the water crisis like this. Rosalina wanted Ruth to go to school every day, to learn to read, not walk for water. 

Rosalina used a small, affordable loan to connect her property to her local water line. She repays her loan in monthly payments with money she earns from selling a hot morning drink called emoliente. 

Now, instead of walking to collect water in the morning, Rosalina can walk Ruth to school on her way to the market to sell her drinks.

In the evenings, after a productive day at work and school, Ruth and Rosalina can be found hanging laundry, cooking dinner, and reading. 

Rosalina and Ruth