Safer in so many ways

The village where Angelina lives with her new husband did not have access to water until recently when her municipality built water lines throughout the community. While the infrastructure was put in place, it was up to individual villagers to pay for a connection. created WaterCredit so couples like Angelina and her husband could afford their own water connection.

Access to water at home was important to Angelina - not just for cooking and drinking, but because the propane gas business she and her husband run is connected to their home. With the large amount of gas stored there, she feared even a small accidental fire could set her whole home ablaze.

Angelina's business in Peru

Angelina and her husband took a small loan and constructed a tap on the ground level of their home, next to the canisters of propane.

Give water credit for providing a safe place for Angelina and her husband to build their business and a healthy, happy life together.