Who will solve their crisis

Through small, affordable loans we've transformed more than 20 million lives with access to safe water and sanitation. This is how we will reach 60 million people by 2022, and this is how we will help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) - ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by 2030.

We believe that at least half of the people in need of safe water and sanitation are the solution to their own water crisis. They are men and women, who, despite living in poverty, are already making huge financial sacrifices to try to change their water and sanitation situation.

WaterCredit made possible for Ricardo what he only hoped to be true, a loan he could repay over time that would empower him to give his family a water tap and bathroom immediately. Ricardo is not alone, there are millions of other people like him, who, with access to affordable financing, could solve their own water problems immediately.

Earning as little as $3.10 a day, these people spend significant portions of their income on water for their homes. Take Leneriza or Lomitu for example. Both women paid in time and money to buy water for their families. And, realizing how much time, money, and energy they could save if they had water and toilets at home, these women chose to finance their safe water and sanitation solutions to overcome the everyday obstacles that stand in the way of progress in their lives.

The primary goal of our efforts is to increase access to water and sanitation finance, globally. Because 785 million people in the world lack access to safe water, and 2 billion lack access to sanitation, millions have the potential to acquire small affordable loans. Safe water available, they can live beyond the day-to-day struggles of the water crisis and decide for themselves what their futures look like.

Water and sanitation financing is a solution to helping achieve SDG 6, and you can be a part of the solution that is empowering millions in need. Donate to Water.org today and empower families in need with the smart solution they need to solve their water crisis.  

2018 Annual Report