Peru's water and sanitation crisis

Access to safe water and sanitation has improved in Peru in recent years, yet significant shortfalls in both public infrastructure and household facilities remain. With a total population of 31 million Peruvians, three million lack access to safe water and five million lack access to improved sanitation. Throughout Peru, urban water and sanitation coverage is higher than rural coverage, and many rapidly growing peri-urban communities face limited access to these basic services.

Despite these challenges, the Peruvian microfinance market is among the most developed in the world in terms of its regulatory enabling environment and competition. sees this market as holding significant promise for the water and sanitation sector.

Our impact in Peru

Launched in 2013,’s WaterCredit program in Peru prioritizes regions that have a strong financial institution presence and high demand for water and sanitation improvements. With lending that began in June 2015, we are helping financial institutions develop products best suited for local demand. Our partners began to scale their portfolios in 2016.’s partners have a strong presence nationwide, but especially in Lima, the northern coast and the southern highlands. We estimate that our partners will disburse loans for indoor bathrooms, water and sewerage connections, improved sanitary installations and tanks for water collection and storage, reaching even more people in Peru with access to improved water and sanitation in 2019.

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    Water is a game changer

    As a child, Elena did not share in the joys of playtime like her boys, nor did she have time to even imagine what she wanted to be when she grew up. Elena was raised in rural Peru where she spent many hours carrying water jugs rather than kicking a soccer ball.

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    Elena and boys
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    Ruth can read

    Proud of herself, Ruth read to her mother. The two sat enjoying Ruth's book just a few feet from their new water connection. This connection means Ruth will never know the water crisis like her mother once did. Instead, Ruth can focus on school, and reading her favorite books.

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    Ruth reading

Stories of people we empower in Peru

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