Finance for water is an investment in the future

Access to safe water stands in the way of millions of kids around the world and a bright future. Dirty water disproportionately impacts children. More than 395,000 children under the age of five die from water and sanitation-related illnesses each year. is working to break down the barriers that stand between these kids, their families and safe water. 

Through decades of research has discovered there are millions of families spending more than 15% of their income on water. They are caught in a cycle of poverty, unable to afford permanent access to water in their homes and beholden to water merchants who charged exorbitant fees.

The truth is that many of these families can get a water or sanitation solution in their home for a fraction of their annual water costs. All they need is access to affordable financing to make this a reality. We believe that if we can provide people with small, affordable loans for water connections and toilets, we can transform and empower people to participate in their own solution - allowing them to define their own futures and those of future generations.