She gave her family health, hope, and possibility

"When I would get water from outside, we suffered from throat irritation, cough, headache and body pain, too."

From the time she was young and newly wed, Chenamma spent hours each day collecting water from ponds. Using silt and cloth, Chenamma would try to filter the water she collected so it might be safe for her family to drink. She explained, "My life wasn't easy." After years of suffering water-borne illnesses, Chenamma and her family are relieved to finally have lasting, affordable access to safe water at home and the health that flows from it. Now Chenamma can grow fruits to sell and her daughters and granddaughters attend school.

Watch Chenamma share her story.

Chenamma's story is like the stories of millions of other women living in India and around the world who spend hours of their days collecting water for their families. They are left with little to no time for work, school or to care for family. Without water or toilets at home, women cannot live up to their full potential.

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When women have access to safe water and toilets at home, they are empowered to change their world. No longer burdened by the water crisis, they can care for their families. They can start small businesses, adding to their household income. They have the time and water to garden and cook food for their families. And, they no longer face unsafe situations when relieving themselves outdoors or walking to distant sources for water.

Access to safe water at home gives women hope, health and opportunity. Donate today to help empower women and their families with access to the safe water they need to survive and thrive.