Investing in water is an investment in women

Investing in water is investing in potential. With access to safe water at home, Sunita and her family spend less time collecting water and can spend more time pursuing income generating activities like raising her cattle. Watch to hear from Sunita how affordable, lasting access to safe water at home has changed her life in south India.

Sunita's small loan was made possible by and our local partner, DHAN in India.

Within the communities we serve, women are the most affected by the water crisis, and women are finding value in financing a water connection or toilet. With water and toilets connected at home, women are able to do more than collect water, like work or care for family. Their repaid loans create a healthy lending system that makes loans possible for more households.

This means more families like Sunita's can experience the time savings of access to safe water and sanitation at home. It’s a cycle that continues to reach more people, creating new opportunities for families around the world. Learn more about our affordable, smart financial approach to helping families end their water crises.