She changed her world

Lakshmee organized a group of women in her village. Her goal - to relieve the burden they all shared, the lack of access to safe water and sanitation at home. 

After finding out that small, affordable loans were available from her local bank to fund needed water taps or toilets, Lakshmee wanted to tell her friends and neighbors. Why? Because like the other women, mothers, and daughters she lived among, Lakshmee knew access to safe water could empower her to do more for herself and her family.

The women came together to learn about the loans. Following their meeting, each found the loans to be the solution they needed to finally free them from spending large amounts of time and money to get water for their families. 

For Lakshmee, water in her home meant now she could sew and earn more income. With the money she earns sewing she is not only paying for her kids to attend school, but she is also repaying her loan. The money she pays toward her loan is being recycled which means every repaid loan can empower another family with safe water.

Our solution is smart, simple and sustainable. It helps the people we empower like the women in Lakshmee's village solve their immediate need, and continues to enrich their lives long after the original loan has been repaid. It works because it recognizes people as consumers with autonomy, and empowers people to define their own futures. It empowers women who previously spent hours each day collecting water with time to pursue education, work and keep their families safe and healthy. That’s the power of water.