In a small community outside of Hyderabad, India, Usha is one of many women who used small, affordable loans to construct a water tap or toilet at home.

Usha's husband is a taxi driver and with his income, he and Usha repay the loan. Now, rather than walk to collect water each day like Prianka and Nanda, or walk to find a safe place to go, Usha and her children have time and health for work and school. Watch as she shares more about the small, affordable loan that changed their lives.

Since 2005, has played a significant role in India’s progress toward improved water, sanitation and hygiene. Through WaterCredit, we have empowered more than 27.3 million people like Usha across twelve states with access to safe water and sanitation. By partnering with different types of organizations, including microfinance institutions, self-help group federations, housing finance corporations, commercial banks, payment banks, social enterprises and the Government of India, is mobilizing resources and sharing knowledge to increase access to improved sanitation and safe water.

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Usha brings tea to her backdoor to share with friends and neighbors.