Uganda's water and sanitation crisis

Uganda has experienced two decades of economic growth, leading to large population movements from rural areas to informal settlements around urban centers. High population growth – nearly triple the global average – stressed the water and sanitation services that exist. 51 percent of Ugandans lack access to safe water and 82 percent do not have access to improved sanitation facilities. 

At the same time, access to financial services in Uganda has improved significantly over the last decade, mostly driven by the expansion in mobile-money services. This development, along with the private sector’s interest in including clients living at the base of the economic pyramid, primed the market for expansion of microfinance services to a larger share of the population.

Our impact in Uganda

Since the launch of our efforts in Uganda in 2009, we’ve had significant success, reaching 10,000 people first through direct impact and then 236,000 through loans made available through WaterCredit. 

Due to’s programs and the trend of financial institutions increasing their client base within the base of the economic pyramid, there is now demand from financial institutions for developing water and sanitation portfolios. Our current partners are actively implementing WaterCredit, with opportunity to scale with these existing partners and add new partners.

  • Stories of Impact

    Health and hope are flowing

    Namulondo is a hardworking health assistant at a local hospital and a loving single mom who has dedicated her life to caring for the lives of her children. A small, affordable loan helped Namulondo pay for a rain storage tank, providing her family with enough water for several months.

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  • Stories of Impact

    Water makes dreams come true

    Water has the power to make dreams a reality. With a small, affordable loan made available to Rose by her local bank, Rose was able to give her family a long-term water solution. Now she has money to pay for her daughter's schooling, bringing to life Maggie's dream of becoming a nurse.

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