Nureni is a business owner, a wife and a mother. Through our WaterCredit solution, Nureni now has access to a safe water tap in her kitchen. Read more about how this tap has helped her earn an income to put her son through school.

Each morning when her husband leaves for work, Nureni heads to the kitchen where she now has a water tap. She is able to boil fresh water to prepare a traditional rice and coconut dish which she sells to neighbors and passers-by. The money she makes from selling this breakfast food helps to put her son through school.

Nureni’s son Rhian, is sixteen years old and he is in school learning to be a motorcycle mechanic. Thanks to the support his parents have provided him, Rhian will graduate from trade school next year. He looks forward to interning, and hopefully working at the motorcycle manufacturing plant just up the road from his family’s home.

Nureni's Kitchen and Nureni with son

Nureni is so pleased that through access to safe water, she is able to cook and sell food from her home. Furthermore, she is excited Rhian will graduate soon, and eventually have a career in motorcycle manufacturing.  We look forward to the day every mom can share Nureni’s pride and joy, we look forward to the day every mom has access to safe water.