Time is money

Despite its geographic location, Mexico’s water crisis is unrelated to drought and due more to overuse of natural groundwater. The country's growing population of 127 million creates an increasing demand for water.


In peri-urban towns outside of Mexico City, like where Patty lives, the local government subsidizes water for their residents. This is a common approach to help improve household access to water, however it is not holistic. Patty's family was unable to get the amount of water they needed through the program, as the government-provided wells are no longer functional, and the water delivery trucks issued an amount too small for Patty's family and neighbors.


A view of Mexico City

Patty used to wait for hours each month to receive her household ration of water. This took time away from work and earning income. To supplement the water she did receive, Patty she bought bottled water and saved rainwater in makeshift rain catchment buckets her husband built for cooking, laundry, and bathing.


Patty's home and new rain storage tank and filter system

As a healthcare worker at her local hospital, Patty knew her family needed consistent access to safe water at home to keep them healthy. In seeking a solution, she recalled how clear the rainwater seemed to her, compared to the other water sources her family used. This inspired Patty and her husband to take advantage of an opportunity they learned about from Water.org's local partners in Mexico.


Patty uses the water from her storage tank to cook, bathe, and to wash dishes and laundry

Through our partner, Patty was able to affordably finance a rain storage solution that would allow the family to capture rainwater for their household water needs. Patty purchased a large storage tank with gutters to help rain flow into the cistern. With a very small amount of chlorine, the water can be purified.

Relieved to overcome the challenges of inconsistent and potentially unsafe water, Patty explained that having this solution in place has saved her family money and time...and according to Patty, “time is money.”