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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

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Empower families in Peru with safe water and toilets

Together we've empowered millions of people in need of safe water and sanitation in Peru. Through small, affordable lives are being changed and futures are bright. Read more about how is working with local partners in Peru to bring families the water connections and toilets they need to live hopeful, healthy lives.

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Nelly's heart

Water is a smart investment. The best investment the world can make to reduce disease, increase income, keep kids in school, and change lives. Nelly believed this to be true, and now she knows it for a fact. Thanks to’s smart solution known as WaterCredit, the hardworking, loving, single mom who wanted to give her family safe water and a better life was able to do it.

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When given a choice and an opportunity to pay for water and sanitation improvements over a reasonable period of time, families in need often choose to finance long-term solutions versus pay high prices, or struggle day-to-day, to get that next liter of water. Ariacelle once struggled daily to pay for bottled water and find a safe place to go. A small, affordable loan empowered Ariacelle with the funds needed to pay for the installation of a toilet and sink in her home.

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Fermin and his family
How a small loan empowered a family in Peru

With a small, affordable loan Fermin gave his family water, a toilet, and so much more. The few months it will take Fermin to repay his loan will seem like no time compared to the long-term benefits his family will experience by having water and sanitation at home.

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Dora and Moses Peru 2
Dora and Moses

The only thing missing from the home they loved was easy access to safe water and sanitation.

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Angelina in Peru
Safer in so many ways

The village where Angelina lives did not have access to water until recently when her municipality built water lines throughout the community. While the infrastructure was put in place, it was up to individual villagers to pay for a connection.

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Water is an investment in family

José works hard. He is driven by his desire to give his young daughters and wife a good life. Read how through access to safe water at home, José was able to do more for his family.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.