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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

Fields of gold India
How access to safe water changed the lives of 4 women

Each day women who lack access to these resources spend 125 million hours collecting water for their families, and 266 million hours finding a place to relieve themselves.

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Elma in the Philippines

Elma’s courage gave her the strength to choose smiles over tears, to choose love over pain, and to champion safe water for her family, even when the battle seemed impossible.

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Water pump
Give water credit for celebrations

Whether in India, Haiti, Ethiopia, or Ghana, access to safe water is a reason to sing, and dance, and jump, and cheer.

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Homework in Ethiopia
Homework looks different now

An investment in a child’s education is an investment in our future. However, millions of families around the world don’t have the upfront resources to invest in two of the most critical resources for getting their kids to school – safe water and a private toilet.

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The beauty of community ownership

Maria’s family was very involved in the construction of the new water system and household latrines. Guatincara’s water project is a gravity flow water system that delivers water from a mountain spring to all the participating homes in the community.

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Edita in Peru
Edita’s work around the world includes removing the financial barriers that separate poor women like Edita from access to safe water.

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School in Uganda
Education and bright futures in Uganda

Access to safe water is one of the most crucial aspects of running a school. Discover what Eden High in Uganda has done to combat this challenge.

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Maritez Cambodia 2

It is with this enthusiasm Maritez spends her days celebrating the transformative power of safe water by educating others in her community on how they too can look forward to healthy, bright futures.

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Beauty in Bangladesh

When Beauty Begun got married, her husband Manu gave her two wedding gifts, water and a stepdaughter.

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Rose in Uganda

Uganda is the country Rose calls home, and finally, the water-related issues faced by so many in Uganda will no longer affect her family.

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Mitu in Bangladesh

A lack of in-house toilets in Bangladesh often jeopardizes health, safety, and dignity. Discover Mitu's story of how she plans to bring an in-house toilet to her family.

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Water gives food
Something to gather around

For centuries a meal has served as more than sustenance. Whether simple or extravagant, around the world meals are known to bring people together for fellowship, celebration, and giving thanks.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.