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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

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Safe water in Sapdiah's rainforest home

While Indonesia’s rainforests are some of our planet's most biologically rich landscapes, many of the families who call the region home are not so affluent. Surviving on less than $3 per day, families like Sapdiah’s lack access to critical resources needed to help them break the cycle of poverty—resources like safe water.

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This dad gave his family safe water at home

As a commercial water delivery driver, it was hard for Cesar to come home each evening knowing his family lacked access to the very thing he delivered all day long to families in the big city. Cesar wanted an affordable, sustainable safe water solution. Through's partners in Brazil, this was possible.

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Drinks for their customers and their family

It’s hard to believe that, just past Hai’s display of snacks and refreshing bottled beverages for sale there sits a home, Hai and Hoeun’s home, that once lacked a source of safe water. Read about how this couple gave their family safe water at home.

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To the world he’s a dad but to his family, he is the world

Thai shared the story of his life-long water crisis, his nine-year-old daughter, Maya, remained by his side. Holding her hand, he explained an element of his story that is rare when it comes to who collected water from distant sources before getting a household solution. Read more to find out what is so unique about Thai's story.

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Midday, all day, every day... now Koeun's family has safe water

Keoun was often frustrated and felt hopeless when the well near her property ran dry. It was donated to her village by a charity and never provided enough water. Learn more about how Keoun was given the opportunity to finance her own safe water connection at home.

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Where safe water and education flow

Sa knows all too well the time and health challenges of the water crisis. And so does someone else in her community who decided to do something about it. Read about how one man's decision has helped changed this retired teacher's life and the lives of thousands of other people in their Cambodian community.

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Her family's need for water was great

Since 2014, we have rapidly increased access to water and sanitation for low-income households in Indonesia through our WaterCredit solution, building strong relationships with more than 22 local financial institutions, and changing the lives of more than 4.3 million people with safe water or sanitation. Warni and her family are some of those people whose lives are forever changed now that they have lasting access to safe water at home.

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She pours love and safe water

Moms pour their hearts and lives into protecting and providing for their growing children. And right now, millions of moms around the world long to pour safe water for them, too. Every day these moms face a personal struggle as they don’t have access to the safe water and toilets needed at home to raise their loved ones in health and safety. Hossne was one of these moms.

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Water means everything to this dad and his family in Brazil

Despite water scarcity, drought, and a low-income, Jeova found a safe water solution to his family’s water crisis. Click to hear more Jeova about why water means everything to his family.

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Violeta's worries about water are no more

By increasing affordable access to safe water, we help make a way for families like Violeta's to get the safe water solutions they need that are both affordable and sustainable. Watch as Violeta shares her story about how her family got affordable access to safe water.

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Safe water, ice cream, and fulfilling dreams

Kristel and Carlos dream of giving their children a life of health and opportunity. Their dreams motivated them to find a solution to overcome their water crisis in Mexico City. Read their story to learn how a small loan for a safe water solution is helping make their dreams come true.

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Where Sergio and Gloria Grow

Gloria and Sergio live in Mexico where, they now have affordable, lasting access to safe water. Click below to find out how a small loan for water storage cisterns allows this couple to enjoy their retired years tending to their garden and caring for their family.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.