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Together, we've empowered millions of people with access to safe water and sanitation. We invite you to meet some of them and read their stories.

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Mumina at home
Mumina's family still has access to safe water

When she’s not sewing to support her family's income, Mumina gardens a small vegetable bed, launders clothing, and cares for her children. This life—time to sew, water for clean laundry and fresh food, Mumina’s happiness—it is made possible by access to safe water. Something Mumina has known for a few years now, but at one time, she thought was impossible.

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A lasting safe water solution for Zeny's family

Zeny was happy to learn her family could get a small, affordable loan from their local bank to get a water connection at home. Now the family pays less than 5% of their monthly income on water. Read Zeny's story.

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Abraham and daughter.jpg
Why Abraham wanted water for his kids

Abraham knew his wife worked hard alongside him, but it was not until her passing that he recognized the weight of the burden she and so many women in Ethiopia carry daily—collecting water for their families.

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Patricia built a life she loves

Patricia is proud of the life she’s built. Through hard work, the 53-year-old mother of three raised a family, built a small farm, and created a life she smiles about. Through's partner, Equity Bank, Patricia and her fellow self-help group members learned they could take out an affordable loan to purchase needed water solutions.

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Ricardo - Peru
The solution for millions

Many people who lack access to water and sanitation know how to solve that problem. They just need a little financial help to make it possible. Dads like Ricardo share the desire of dads around the globe to give their families safe water at home. Making small, affordable loans available for people like Ricardo is how we’re making access to safe water and sanitation possible for all.

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Her family's bright future starts with water

Sally is a mom of four young children. While the eldest three are at school, Sally enjoys time with her youngest, mixing play with the housework. Life for Sally’s family wasn’t always like this. Even before becoming a mom, and for several years after, Sally was responsible for finding the water her family needed to survive.

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The day everything changed

Umi is a mom of two boys. Before getting affordable access to safe water at home, Umi and her seven-year-old son walked to a stream to collect water. Read about how a small loan changed their lives.

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WINZ0442 (1).jpg
Pawit and Setiyono's journey to water

Before having access to safe water at home, water collection was a major focus of each day for Pawit and Setiyono. Watch the couple's story as they share their journey to getting affordable access to a lasting safe water solution.

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Rain or not - Christine's family has water year-round

Several hours north of Nairobi, on the western side of Kenya sits Bokorin Village. The village is relatively dry as it experiences just two rainy seasons a year. Because the village lacks a utility-type water supply, families in Bokorin rely on the rains as their primary source of water. Families like Christine’s. Read how she got an affordable, lasting source of safe water for her family to have year-round.

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Sok's family has safe water now

Across the country of Cambodia more than 2 million people in need lack access to safe water. Like millions of other women, to get the water Sok’s family needed to survive, she had no choice but to collect it from a nearby river. Read about how Sok got affordable access to safe water.

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lilis - home.jpg
Lilis is proud to have safe water at home

As the COVID-19 pandemic made its way to Lilis’ village, the safety and comfort she felt about her home, their access to food and water, and their finances shifted. Lilis had new concerns about her family's ability to survive.

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Queen of the hills

Joinab introduces herself as the “queen of the hills” and rightfully so as she has conquered her family’s water crisis high in the hills of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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Together, we can empower more families with safe water.